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 The Oak . Once The Cock.

A quaint little Pub that sits Just an acorns drop away from the delightful Village Green of Castle Camps

Serving food Wednesday to Saturday 




Posted on 29 September, 2020 at 6:55 Comments comments (10212)
March seems so long ago and the normal hub of a pub so redundant BUT we are RE OPENING the bar from the 9th of October and it will be the cosy escape that a proper village pub Is . I fear for so many pubs, and we publicans are made of strong stuff but many will not arrive into better times safe or smiling , So if you have a village pub please respect the new rules and the amazing people behind the bar I'm not just blowing my own trumpet but also singing the praises of The Ladies and gents who work with The Oak who once again will be back to Serve you !( At a Table of course ) To listen to the Banter , To clean even more than before , To enforce more and more Rules, And to call last orders . Be Kind or simply Be Barred the Good News We are keeping on Keeping on . the Roof will not Blow Off A mere Heart attack will not break us :) We have excellent Cheeses BEER ! We will be supporting smaller producers and hope to invite Outside food pop ups LOTS OF LOVE The Oak

Name : Sign of the times

Posted on 25 April, 2019 at 6:50 Comments comments (1427)
After Many years of ownership of The Cock it was decided that a totally new name was needed . THE COCK is old outdated un PC and hated by internet filters & when you look back into the pubs history it never truly belonged to the building The Actual Cock burned down sometime in the 1920,s Our Building was The Fox . Yes we could have gone back to that BUT the fox and hounds is very near by and we really wanted something that tied us into the heart of the Village . Its not a simple task deciding on a name , Names for Children take time to decide & names for Pubs certainly do !! That's when I noticed the really rather Magnificent Oak Tree that stands proud along side our little Pub On the Village green with many versions of The Oak & or The Oak tree I Deemed Simple to be best . In a time when so many Villages have lost amenities it also seemed very fitting "The greatest Oak was once a little nut ,Who held its ground " Unknown Author . We hope you like the New Name and as always work continues to make our little pub Better each and every day in our own personal way .

Lunchtimes / walking groups

Posted on 18 May, 2016 at 9:20 Comments comments (930)

Lunchtime bookings 

weekdays are a very quiet time in the Village of castle camps , and whilst this is great for peace and enjoyable country walks , Its not a viable option to staff the pub .

however if you wish to book in groups of 15 or more for a light lunch  £5 upwards i,m happy to arrange this when possible

01799 584207


Booking the snug for parties

Posted on 18 May, 2016 at 9:15 Comments comments (428)

We have the most comfortable snug bar ( we call it snug because its such a warming room)

This can hold 20 to 25 seated and of late we have had much larger parties but with nibbles or a light buffet.

We do not charge out for use of the snug ,but encourage you to arrange a visit to see if its suitable for your party needs and to discuss foods and drinks 

01799 584207